IIPS Summer 2008 Post Conference Recap

CCPRO Track Presentations

CCPRO Executive Committee Meeting

System Office Updates & Meta-analysis of the Long Range Planning Process - Dr. Betty Adams, NCCCS System Office

PowerPoint Presentation

Understanding Colleague Data: Extracting Data to Answer Common Research Questions - Matt Smith, Pitt CC

Link to Matt Smith's Web Page

Affordable Planning/Reporting Software - George Wigglesworth, Independent Software Applications Developer; Travis Hyatt, Guilford Technical CC

Mining National Student Clearinghouse Data for Cash and Other Rewards - Bill Thompson, Wayne CC; Jennifer Ulz, Carteret CC

PowerPoint Presentation

Surveys in a SNAP - Carolyn Evert, CCC&TI; Susan Pritchard, CCC&TI

PowerPoint Presentation

CCPRO - Roundtable 




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